Monday, December 5, 2011

How To: make rain gutter bookshelves

I love the look of rain gutter bookshelves. But, I hate the actual rain gutter ones. So, when I decided to turn a wall in the preschool room into a bookshelf, I knew it had to match the crown molding in the room … which isn’t in the picture. Because I’m just awesome like that. ;)

So, I asked Superman to pick up some 4” crown molding. He measured the wall before heading to Home Depot. He had them cut the pieces down to size so that his job wasn’t as bad when he started. He still had to make a few cuts and tweak things to make them work (who knew that walls could be so imperfect?!).


He used the 4” crown molding and then another 3” strip of wood, to act as the shelf for the books to sit on. Here is what the actual construction looks like:


Don’t forget to caulk all of the imperfections … and along the back of the shelf, by the wall. And measure the distance between each shelf with precise, exact measurements. Use a level when you install the shelves.


Then, putty the holes and paint.

I think, in all, it took him just under 2 hours, start to finish. It wasn’t a difficult project at all. Anyone with a nail gun can do this, especially if you have Home Depot make all the cuts for you.


The finished product is so dang cute and it really brightens up the preschool room. Thank you, Superman!


  1. Oh my goodness I just have to say how much I LOVE your blog! I found it through a link on pinterest (the one for your kitchen redo i think...)

    Anyway, I couldn't stop browsing through it until I got to the end! I am totally amazed! Now I seriously have to go buy good spray paint! (Probably going to need a can or two for my parents house as well... typical 90's--brass and oak.) ha ha

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. The 3" piece of you have to have HD cut it in that size or do they carry it that width and you just cut the length to fit?

  3. I don't think Home Depot carries 3" boards ... pretty sure my husband cut them to that width. I think 2" and 4" are standard. So, you'd either need to have them cut it, or cut it yourself ... or go with 4". 4" would work as well. 2", not so much. :D

  4. Awesome! How did you attach them to the wall? Thanks!

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