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(Yes. It's my childhood nickname. I've had the same email account for 12 years too. I'm old school like that.)
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  1. with impending death of Reader my only hope is if I could follow "Superman Does DIY" and you on Twitter. Your site is one of my ab favs not only because of the great ideas but also u damn funny girl. I know you have Facebook and Pinterest. I HATE facebook though and LOVE pinterest way too much.

    1. Buffy ... just for you, sweet pea. I figured out Twitter. Well. Kinda. Sorta. Not really. But. I have a Twitter. Here:

      Go crazy!

  2. Oh, Buffy. I do have a Twitter account. With 6 followers. I need to spend a little time figuring it out. To be honest, I'm shocked that I figured out how to install the "pin it" button. But, okay. Twitter.

  3. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your blog today ... yes, the entire blog. LOL

    We are buying a house filled with golden oak and brass hardware and your directions/photos have given me so much encouragement to paint the door knobs (but buy the plates).


  4. For your DIY Master Bath redo in 2011 what is the paint color on the walls?

  5. How do you attach crown moulding bookshelves to the wall?