I'm Janette. I'm a wife, mother of 2 kids, artist, preschool teacher, and Sunday school teacher. My husband is Superman. He's a firefighter, which means that he is home 2 out of 3 days. He's handy, brilliant, crafty, obedient ;), easy going, and always up for my crazy ideas for home improvements.

We have a 6 year old little boy and 4 year old little girl. It's just the four of us ... making our way ... living the American dream ... and trying to spend our days being productive and constructive.

I feel the need to preface this blog by saying that my husband is WAY above average in the 'handy' department. And he usually has WAY more time than the average guy. Plus, he really is Superman. So, as I show you the projects we're taking on, I promise to be honest about how time consuming and difficult they are. Not everyone is as patient or talented as my Superman. ;)

** As we make our way through this recession ... and find ways to pinch every penny until it squeals, I promise to share our ideas along the journey. We really are all in this together. Hopefully, one day, we will look back on these not-so-fun financial times and tell our children stories, not just about how we survived, but how we THRIVED during one of the worst economic recessions on record.


There are a few confessions that I feel I need to make:

1. I am an artist, not a crafter. I majored in Visual Art & Design with an emphasis in painting. I'm not crafty. Really. Truly. I'm not. I don't have nick nacks. I don't make my own nick nacks. I don't have patience for nick nacks ... but ... in my quest to become 'relavent', I am going to try out NICK NACKS. Should be interesting.

2. I am an artist who focuses mainly on painting. However, I hate to paint everything: walls, shelves, NICK NACKS, trim, yadda yadda. Go figure. Unless it's a canvas, I don't want to paint it!

3. I absolutely loathe manual labor, but I would never call myself lazy. I think even the most unattractive person can be beautiful if they work hard ... and on the flip side, even the most beautiful person can be unattractive if they are lazy. I promise. I'm not lazy. But I haaaaaaaaaaaaaate manual labor. This makes poor Superman's job that much harder.

4. When I shop for clothes, I find one thing I love and then buy it in every color. Nope. Not joking. If you see pictures of me, chances are I will be wearing a different color variation of the same thing in every picture. My friends over look this glaring flaw and I love them for it. :D

5. My sweet Superman is one foot taller than me. A. Whole. Foot. Power to the shorties!

6. I'm very impatient. I want things done now. I want results now. I hate waiting for anything. Sign me up for instant gratification ... NOW! ;)

7. I am a conservative voter. That's right. I'm going there. I'm conservative for one reason only: I think our government should run their house the same way I have to run my house: ON. A. BUDGET. If I don't have money for it? I DON'T GET IT! I'm not racist, homophobic, evil, etc. To each their own. Truly: TO EACH THEIR OWN. So, if the most fiscally conservative candidate is a liberal, he gets my vote. ;)

8. I have 2 absolutely gorgeous kids with extraordinarily beautiful personalities. I can't imagine having more children ... but I do like to leave a little crack in the window for the good Lord and His will.

9. I have a horrible vocabulary. AWFUL. Really. I frequently misuse big words thinking I know what they mean when I really have no clue. It keeps my husband and family laughing. :D

10. I come from a pull-my-finger family of 9 kids. I have two older sisters and six (SIX!!!!!) little brothers. I promise. There is not a fart joke in the world I haven't heard. ;)

I'd love to meet you all somehow, someday, but for now, I'll settle for your comments and questions as they come. Hopefully I can be of service to you along the way. We're all stuck in this crappy recession together. Might as well make the best of it!


  1. Loved reading this! I found myself saying "me too!" to several things. I HATE manual labor too, but I don't consider myself lazy either..usually. I'm constantly buying different colors in a shirt or shorts, etc that I like. Even if it's a different brand chances are it looks like something else I own. And I have my own Superman, except min e is my dad and I call him Mr. Handy. He too is above and beyond the skill level of many people. He's an interior carpenter, so I guess that is to be expected, or atleast hoped for lol. I bought my first house 2 years ago and we, mostly he renovated top to bottom and I plan to and want to blog about the renovations but I start to and find myself totally challenged to explain and be realistic with the average person because of his skill level and how easy he makes things look.

    Anyway, just wanted to say..love this! And the recession? Sounds like you've felt the effects too a little? We certainly have. Especially in the construction industry in our area, just crossing my fingers that it's improving some!

    1. Aw, thanks for your comment! You're so sweet. Your Dad sounds amazing!! We live in Dallas, so we have weathered the recession far better than most. Texas' economy has come through nearly unscathed, in comparison. We consider ourselves beyond lucky to have started a couple successful businesses (businesses, not companies - haha) in the middle of such rough times. However, we are cautiously optimistic and try to save everywhere we can. You just NEVER know.

      Thank you for stopping by! And thank you for your sweet note!

  2. I love your preschool room so much! Thank you for bringing us in to take a peek. I love the storage ideas you use to store all of those odds and ends. What a gift you have ! Thank you!

  3. Everything in common..even the neighborhood looks like my old one in Denton, Texas...thanks for the tip on stain. Completely forgot that they do that! I'm adding landscape lighting with a new gfci, timer, sprinkler system, transformer box and a dozen lights as we speak...happened upon your blog and was tickled and impressed. PPreac greatly!