Monday, April 8, 2013

Velcro Pictures–Quick Picture Hanging!

I know I’m not the only one who has this idealistic vision of a perfectly decorated home … with millions of beautiful snapshots all over the house and up the stairway and on every side table. I mean, really … is there such a thing as too many pictures of your children?!

No, people. The answer is emphatically … NO!

I’ve had this project on my list for years. Truly. Years. And I’ve put it off, thinking it was way more expensive than it actually was.

Over Spring Break, I got a wild hair and went to IKEA … and spent $100 (give or take) and bought 75 picture frames. In the hope of achieving that perfect staircase photo wall …

use velcro to hang pictures on stairway 1

Now. I’m not a photographer. And I’m not a designer. I’m really not … try not to act shocked.

But, I do have a bunch of snapshot pictures that I just love  … you know the ones: the messy highchair pictures, the ‘here, take our picture for us’ vacation pictures, the baby pictures … you know the ones.

So, I uploaded all of them to Costco. Something ridiculous like 300 pictures. But, Costco only charges like $.12 a photo … so I went crazy. Then I narrowed down my favorites to my most favorites. Then I got to work, filling each frame. And then. THEN I pulled out my second most favorite household item, save only RustOleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint:

use velcro to hang pictures on stairway 7
Heavy. Duty. Industrial. Strength. Velcro. Pretty much my second favorite BFF.

And I had Superman help me cut it into a billion little strips. And then I put the strips on the back of each frame, like this:

use velcro to hang pictures on stairway 6

The smaller frames only need 2 strips of Velcro. The bigger ones need four.

And then I removed the plastic backing from the Velcro and placed my large frames at every third stair (using a level … but just stuck it up on the wall … NO NAILS!!!). And then I put a medium frame in between each of those (all in alternating orientations). Like this:

use velcro to hang pictures on stairway 5

And then, I filled in the spaces in between all of them, with the small frames. Like this:

use velcro to hang pictures on stairway 4

And I had enough frames to go around the corner … still need to buy more to finish the back side of the staircase.

use velcro to hang pictures on stairway 3

And … can I tell you how much I LOVE going up and down my stairs now? Love. Like, to the moon and back kind of love.

I’m not a scrap booker, but I do take tons of pictures that never see the light of day. I’m trying to change that. Y’all run to IKEA and grab some inexpensive frames. Best money spent.

** I went with dark frames because we are planning to replace our carpet with dark wood floors in June … but I think there were white frames at IKEA too. I think. **


  1. What a awesome idea! If you get a chance, please share this at my linky party.

    1. Thank you, Rita!

      I'd love to! But I have no idea what a linky party is. I'm reallllly not internet savvy. At all. Help? :D

  2. I LOVE how this turned out! I use command strips, which are velcro, but I bet your velcro was even cheaper! You can see my latest gallery wall here:

    1. I've never bought command strips ... had no idea those were velcro-ish. I'm gonna have to check those out!

  3. This si such an awesome idea!!!! this might even help with alof of the pic ideas that I have at my house. I might need to look at thsi agian to make sure I got everything right! Thank you for sharing this with us!

    1. Thank you! Good look!! It's a super fun project! :D

  4. Damn youuuuuuu, I just bought a house, found your blog, and now I've got "oil rubbed bronze" fever!

  5. I hung my family photos last year with Velcro. Just loved it. Now I am moving, so I will do it again in my new house!!

  6. I really like the idea of no nails, but what happens when you want to paint or re-arrange the pictures? How difficult is this to get off the drywall? Will it tear off the paper over the drywall so it's even harder to spackle before painting, or does it peel off more easily? Thanks!