Friday, January 13, 2012

Re-Using an old, discarded chandelier

We are the original owners of our house. When we moved in, there was a dated BRASS chandelier in the “formal” dining room.

A carpeted formal dining room.

Seriously? Who eats on carpet?

Well, we quickly replaced the chandelier with a ceiling fan … because we live in Dallas … and we were never using the carpeted room for a formal dining room anyway.

To my complete shock (and almost horror), Superman found the chandelier in our attic recently. I don’t know why we hung on to it because there is NO way I would hang it in our house. You’ve seen it before. You might even HAVE this exact chandelier in your home. If you do and you love it, my apologies.

Here is the most recent victim of our Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint goodness:

rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint chandelier before after

I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture … you know … before we declared war on all that brass.

chandelier before

After we sprayed it with oil rubbed bronze, I was so excited that I had hung on to that ugly brass chandelier because I knew exactly where it needed to go …

rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint builder grade chandelier

… in our entry way. To replace … yet again … more brass. I almost didn’t get a ‘before’ picture of that dusty hanging light. I had to snap a quick pic while Superman was on the ladder taking it down.

We used the same long chain from the original hanging light and just spray painted that too … we needed it … the other chain just wasn’t long enough.

It took Superman a couple hours to take the old one down, remove the chain/wiring, spray paint it, and then re-wire the chain and wires to the newly spray painted chandelier. Then, he hung it up … and holy moly …

rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint builder grade chandelier 2

… it looks so much better than the dated brass hunk of glass and junk that used to hang in its place.

rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint builder grade chandelier 3

Seriously. For the whole $2 worth of paint that it took to change out the two fixtures, it was WELL worth it. Because at this point in time, the game is: trying to change everything out while spending the least amount of money possible.

Mission. Accomplished.

rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint chandelier before after


  1. WOW! My boyfriend just bought a house and has these exact same chandeliers and we are definitely going to do this instead of spending $200 on new ones! This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I just found your blog the other day and LOVE IT! I'm following you, and look forward to more of your posts. I live in the DFW area too, and we are also trying to update our home. My biggest nemesis is the darn TEXTURED WALLS. And painting trim with semi-gloss paint. Both are E.V.I.L. *lol*

  3. Like a lot others, I knew about your blog via Pinterest. And I can't wait to read it all. But I can't help but think " watch out,kids! Move or you will be painted!" Hahaa

  4. Wow! What a difference paint makes!

  5. Oh my word, we have that same exact window over our front door, and same light fixture. :) I am definitely seeing this brass paint in our future! Thanks for sharing.


  6. we just bought a house with carpet in the dining room. can't wait to redo the kitchen so i can bring that flooring in to the dining room. you are right ... who does that??!??! we also have a bright brass chandelier. first thing i thought was yeah i'm getting a can of rubbed bronze and attacking it!!!

  7. do you do any prepping to brass before spray painting?